Buyer Satisfaction • Bidder Satisfaction

Whether it is creating a solicitation or bidding on the solicitation, satisfaction for both the Buyer and the Bidder is based on two core elements, successful task completion and speed. ProRFx® delivers at: www.ProRFx.com

With over 35yrs of public procurement experience, ProRFx® has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of all solicitation types and requirements from creation & bidding workflow, to complex services requirements, to scoring and bid tabulations. ProRFx® does it all faster and easier than any other online RFx bidding platform.

Simple and easy to use wizard driven screens guide the users through the creation and bidding of solicitations. Customizable templates for both solicitations, emails, SMS, and Social Media notifications help ensure that ProRFx® is custom tailored to your exacting specifications and needs. In fact, you can even use the drop-n-drag widgets in ProRFx® to creator your own 'branded' bidding website.

ProRFx® is the most advanced, *fully capable, online sourcing/bidding platform available anywhere in the world; capable of determining when online sourcing events are required, what type of event is required, and successfully managing the following event types:

  • Request For Information(RFI)
  • Request For Quote (RFQ)
  • Invitation To Bid (ITB)
  • Request For Proposal(RFP)
  • Statement Of Qualification (SOQ)
  • Auction
  • Reverse Auction
*Competitors often say they offer a "fully capable" online e-sourcing software and auctions, bidding platform, until you actually try to deviate from norm (and the 'norm' is not often what consumes public procurement time).
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Self-service registration & account maintenance.

Get a vendor or employee up-and-running immediately by allowing them to register and maintain their own account thus providing the following benefits:
  • Reduced support costs
  • Improved employee productivity
  • Accountability of actions
  • Reduce disclosure of sensitive information
  • Employ your resources for better tasks
  • Superior Return on Investment
  • 24x7 Access and Real Time Update of User Information
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Our proprietary technologies and easy to use screens provide the framework for the fastest solicitation creation process in the industry!

Creating a solicitation sounds easy enough, right?
If you are a public procurement official, you know all to well how complex solicitations can be, and If you are using an electronic solution, then you are probably an expert at trying to fit a round peg into a square hole as solicitations and their requirements vary, and vary frequently.

More often than not, your solicitations have some sort of nuance which requires manual intervention that either cripples electronic bidding or reduces its efficiency, consuming your valuable time and increasing cost.

Enter ProRFx®.

ProRFx® speeds up ALL of your sourcing needs and creates the most competitive, best-value agreements for rapid, sustainable savings while cutting costs and minimizing your risks.

ProRFx® allows you to electronically create any type of solicitation regardless of complexity or uniqueness. ProRFx® transforms on-the-fly to accommodated any and all requirements in any solicitation. Skeptical? Ask our clients.

  • Solicitation and Email Templates
  • Online sealed bids, proposals, quotations, reverse auctions, and more – from creation to award
  • SMS, Newspaper, and Social Media Templates
  • Form Bank
  • Wizard driven interfaces - Speeds End User Adoption
  • Configurable Commodity Categories
  • Pre-Approved/Qualified Bidders
  • Approval Workflow - Allows contributors to provide content thereby off-loading work from Buyer(s)
  • MS Excel uploads/downloads
  • Automatic W-9 and General Liability Compliance Management
  • Vendor Attribute Management
  • Text, Audio, Video compatibility
  • Immediate and Scheduled Advertising
  • Copy a previous Solicitation
  • Rich Text Editors with Spell Check
  • Import/Export to MS Word or PDF
  • Save as Draft
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Easy to Use, Wizard Driven Screens.
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  • Point and Click simplicity
  • 100% Configurable Options
  • Get bids to Purchase or Sell
  • No more paper bills and piles of paper
  • Compatible with current major browser types

Powerful and Intuitive File, Document, and Records Management.
The status and content of solicitations and their file attachments can change throughout their life-cycle. Even in a truly collaborative enterprise, finding a solicitation and clearly understanding it's current status can be a challenge. ProRFx® makes it fast and easy to any and all information quickly and easily.
  • Quick search and reporting
  • Robust query builder
  • Intuitive folder structure
  • Concise status indicators
  • Collaborative document management with auditing and change management
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Your campaign is only as successful as your advertising.

In order to get the absolute best bidder participation and value responses, advertising on the Internet is a necessity. The Internet's vast presence can reach significantly more companies and people than traditional advertising media at a fraction of the cost.

ProRFx® will help you leverage as many avenues of advertising as possible with just the click of a button. Configure what to send and when, then watch the bids pour in.
  • Fully automated
  • Advertise to everyone or only advertise to Pre-approved Vendors
  • Diversity types, custom bidders lists, or custom vendor attributes
  • SMS messaging to internal staff and vendors
  • Newpaper and Social Media interfaces
  • Confirmed receipts ensure bidders are aware of changes and addendums
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Define your audience within seconds.
Image of WorldERP Business User Whether it is the strictly defined regulatory controls of Public Procurement, or less imposing private business rules, ProRFx® provides you with the tools you need to get the job done quickly from creation to award.
  • Pre-Qualified/Approved Vendor Bidding Only
  • Advertise only to vendors matching specific commodity categories
  • Advertise only to vendors matching specific attributes (such as vendors within a certain distance, disadvantaged businesses, vendors achieving a certain level of performance rating, etc.)
  • Advertise only to vendors in your database or advertise to vendors world-wide
  • Advertise only to compliant vendors


Increase vendor participation by making it easy for the bidder and meeting their needs with ProRFx®.

No other bidding solution provides the vendor with more tools and features to make responding to solicitations quicker and easier than ProRFx®.

  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes for a bidder to respond using our proprietary features
  • Reduce the time it takes the bidder to respond to a bid by up to 76%
  • Reduce the costs to respond to a bid by up to 63%
  • Configurable bidder requirements automatically ensure bidder documents (such as W-9, Insurance, etc.) are compliant before being allowed to bid
  • Each employee of the vendor can manage their own account, preferences, and notification settings
  • Vendor employees can work collaboratively on bid responses
  • Alerts and Notifications advise bidder(s) of missing or incorrect information prior to bid submission
  • Bidders can review their bid, retract and resubmit at any time (client configurable restrictions may apply)
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Identify the bidder which most closely matches your needs quicker than any other solution.

  • Score anytime, anywhere 24/7
  • Scoring Committee Member Assignment/Reassignment enables multiple evaluators to contribute to the scoring process
  • Unlimited number of Scoring Committee Members
  • Manual Scoring allows Scoring Committee Members to assign score
  • Automated Scoring provides instant results immediately at Bid Close
  • Automated Scoring Member Notifications
  • Enables criteria to be weighted
  • Allows criteria to be grouped into sections, and allow weightings to be assigned both at section and criteria level
  • Supports multiple parallel sets of weightings to reflect different stakeholder's priorities and permit 'what-if' analysis
  • Allows the scores of multiple evaluators to be contrasted or aggregated (e.g. averaged)
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Direct Bid Comparison.
Image of WorldERP Business User When scoring is not a requirement, as with many Request For Quote (RFQ) solicitations, the requirement of isolating best value responses remain. The ProRFx® Direct Compare tool provides all of the functionality needed to speed up your decision making process and turn best-value bids into purchases.

  • Select the bids you want to compare
  • Whole Bid or Line Item Award
  • Best And Final Offer (BAFO) functionality
  • Intent to Award functionality provides automated notifications and customizable processes
  • Award functionality provides automated notifications and customizable processes
  • Award to Purchase turns award(s) into purchase(s)

Tabulation Reports.
ProRFx® offers a variety of Bid Tabulation reports to help ensure that information is disseminated in the most effective way to the intended audience.
  • Configurable automated/manual Bid Tabulation creation
  • Configurable automated/manual Bid Tabulation publication
  • Best Value response sorting
  • Weighted value Response and Cost scoring
  • Easily accommodates hundreds of bids
  • Automatically indicates/highlights winning values
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ProRFx® can be configured to do more than just award bid(s). From order creation to kicking off contract life-cycle management, ProRFx® can help you transition to post award processes seemelessly.

  • Configurable Intent to Award process can automatically notify bidders and can be used to provide bidders with any links, documents, instructions you wish to provide
  • Intent to Award process can be configured to automatically transition into award based on criteria you enter
  • Configurable Award process can automatically notify bidders and can be used to provide bidders with any links, documents, instructions you wish to provide
  • Award process can be used to transition award into requisition and/or purchase order
  • Award process can be used to transition award into contract management process
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