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WorldCMMS™ is a Best in Class Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) that optimizes the management of assets and resources throughout an organization with next generation technologies designed to streamline incident and Help Desk request management, automate asset discovery, audit and improve utilization of contracts and software licenses, and provide remote management via mobile devices.

With its' modularized and scalable design, WorldCMMS™ provides for a wide range of capabilities from custom functional extensions to GIS & BIM support to seamless integration with ERP/Financial Accounting – maximizing collaboration and information fusion.

Additionally, WorldCMMS™ allows for reconfiguring data models, workflows and reports without the need to customization core features, yet it is robust and flexible enough to replace all existing software and methodologies your currently use for service requests and asset management.
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Asset Management.
Import your existing maintenance records, assets and schedules using CSV, MSExcel, or custom integration to easily migrate from other work order software platforms. Drag and drop plus multi-select functionality lets you quickly build your asset hierarchy and perform multiple actions simultaneously. Clone records and quickly organize your assets into the perfect hierarchy with drag and drop ease. You can even add equipment using your mobile phone’s camera and GPS as you walk through your facility. Getting set up is a breeze with our walk-through training module, embedded video tutorials and set-up meter to track your progress.

Clone records and quickly organize your assets into the perfect hierarchy with drag and drop ease. You can even add equipment using your mobile phone’s camera and GPS as you walk through your facility. Getting set up is a breeze with our walk-through training module, embedded video tutorials and set-up meter to track your progress.
Preventative Maintenance.
With WorldCMMS™ you can do preventive maintenance (PM) and safety inspections on time, every time. Create preventative and scheduled maintenance work orders from your templates and trigger them by any combination of date, time, meter readings, alarms or events. Create re-usable tasks and schedules for preventative and scheduled maintenance. Create task libraries or clone PM tasks to rapidly build PM scheduled maintenance work orders. Nest your PM schedules inside each other to stack PM tasks and avoid multiple work orders. Make PM triggers fixed to specific dates, times and meter readings or floating to re-start the maintenance interval after the PM work order is closed. Create event based maintenance tasks (e.g. create specific work order tasks when equipment gets decommissioned).

Preventative maintenance functionality complete with tasks, priorities and notifications so you can do the right maintenance at the right time.
Multi-Site Management.
With WorldCMMS's™ advanced multi-site capabilities you can manage any number of sites anywhere in the world in any time zone or currency. Assign site-specific permissions to your personnel and attach them to the administrator group in one site or the technician group in another. All sites get rolled-up and displayed in real time so you can create detailed reports of all your maintenance activities with just a few clicks.

Purchasing & Request For Quote (RFQ).
Using WorldCMMS™ along with SpendManagePro™ provides fully integrated eProcurement to facilitate robust purchasing, receiving, and returns, quickly via email, SMS Text, or phone.
  • Integrated electronic Request For Quote (RFQ) allows for documented best value sourcing of purchases
  • Individually assigned Account Codes ensures that Requisition Creator has access/visibility to account codes assigned only to them, showing their available $Balance
  • $Balance management guards against account overspend
  • Order management ensures that orders are processed as quickly as possible and eliminates that risk that someone forgot to place the order. Additionally, out order management solution ensures that the vendors actually received the order and are processing it as quickly as possible
  • Shipping status/notifications helps staff know when to expect delivery
  • Receipt management ensures receipts are monitored and posted in timely fashion
  • Returns functionality allows for the return of goods
Inventory Rotation.
With WorldCMMS's™ you will never lose track of rotating assets and spares again.

Track rotating assets and rebuilds as they move between work orders, people, facilities, sites and your external suppliers’ and contractors’ repair shops. Use the WorldCMMS™ permission and rules engine to require personnel to make requests to move assets between physical locations and define who can approve or reject the requests for each site. Maintenance Assistant will do the rest, so you’ll always know the status and location of your rotating assets and spares. You can also use rotating assets to manage your tool crib.
The WorldCMMS™ API.
Connect WorldCMMS™ to just about anything.

From machine sensors to financial or ERP systems, we have an advanced API and growing family of connectors to get the job done. Use our machine adapters to monitor and record equipment meter readings and trigger notifications and service requests based on any number of priorities. Collect and display data in real-time or archive it for future analysis.

You can even create your own connectors using our SDK and developer sandbox environment.
ERP Integration Adapters.
Leverage our pre-built ERP integration adapters.

WorldCMMS™ allows you to easily push and pull information to and from other 3rd party software like ERP and financial software systems.
Compliance & Audit Reports.
Manage grants, business requirements, health and safety obligations, and more.

WorldCMMS™ robust audit log tracks all activities. Attach OSHA information, MSDS or other critical safety instructions. Centrally manage documents and versions to ensure ISO compliance and track worker training certifications and get expiry notifications..

Property, Asset & Real Estate Inventory

Inventory and manage buildings, installations, technical assets, furniture, external infrastructure, and more.

If it can be counted, maintained, or sold, you can track it with WorldCMMS™. Not only does WorldCMMS™ help you manage and maintain your assets with simplicity, but when integrated with our SpendManagerPro eProcurement solution, you instantly have a full lifecycle history from purchase, to maintenance & repair history, through to retirement and/or replacement including associated man-hours!

No more scrambling for information and proof to substantiate an Audit or Grant's expenditure, it's all available at the touch of a button. Track equipment, facilities, vehicles, components — anything that requires maintenance.
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Thanks to datacards, WorldCMMS™ allows the user to inventory and manage specific workflows and reports.
  • Housing complexes, buildings, floors, rooms
  • Installations (electrical plant, waterworks, heating / air conditioning system, drainage system, security, data transmission, etc.)
  • Technical assets
  • Furniture
  • Vehicles
  • Contracts & License Agreements
  • External infrastructure (road networks, cycle lane, lighting, etc) and green areas (gardens, parks, etc.)


For each object in the inventory, WorldCMMS™ manages limitless, configurable types of information such as:
  • ID registry: codes and other identification / localisation elements, etc.
  • Technical registry: physical and performance features, consistency (size, surface, volumes), preservation status, etc.
  • Functional registry: purposes, operational procedures, rules, staff representative, etc.
  • administrative registry: rental agreement and purchase agreements, supply contracts, utilities, legal status, amortizations, maintenance, etc.


Information can be used:
  • through the different ways to consult and search data available in the application standard user interface
  • in a detailed analysis, through proper reports (which can also be forwarded via email)
  • in a quick-scan, through proper dashboards and statistical reports

Facility Maintenance

WorldCMMS™ uses the customize-able maintenance manual as basis to manage the maintenance – whether a planned event or failure occurs.

A cloud-based collaborative facilities management solution that uses a maintenance manual approach that contains all of the necessary information for the correct maintenance of infrastructures and installation, in order to simplify the work order and preventive maintenance processes. Image of WorldERP™ Satisfaction Guarantee Ribbon

Scheduled Maintenance.

By registering the available information (typology and frequency of the activities, required equipment, necessary spare parts, possible breakdowns, diagnostic check lists), WorldCMMS™ automatically creates the activities of the scheduled maintenance activities, produces work orders, forwards them through workflow to the right personnel (in and/or outside the organisation) and helps them with problem solving.
The available scheduling criteria includes all necessary choices to work flexibly, so that the operators can work as efficiently as possible..
Failures or unexpected events are managed through a configurable workflow that provides:
  • Signaling through different channels, included the self service portal
  • Control of the signaling by the call center operators
  • Forwarding of work order to the right team / supplier (suggested by the system according to the type of the problem and the contracts)
  • planning, execution and registering of the intervention report (also using tablets or smartphones)
These kinds of activities can be automatically started if there are monitoring systems that detect anomalies (smoke, malfunctioning, etc.) and transmit them through standard channels / protocols.

You can set criteria (SLA / KPI) for the automatic control of the activity progress and the start of the related management actions (e-mail / sms notifications for any delays).
You can also configure the automatic request of a user feedback (rated from 1 to 5) on the quality of the problem solving service and register it in the system (Customer satisfaction).
The diagnosis of the damages signalling is supported by the possibility of query a Knowledge Basis, which receive all signalling solutions already closed and useful for any following consultations.


There are various reports for the analysis of the management activities managed in the system (scheduled activities and activities in case of breakdowns): location statistics / cost center/ problem typology / etc., printouts of the faulty objects, comparison with standard operation data (MTBF, MTTR), etc.


There are various Dashboards available. Some dashboards allow to immediately real-time view of the open tickets.

Logistic Management

With over 35yrs. of experience in Government and Forture 500 companies, we KNOW Logistics Management backwards and forwards.

Asset handling.

WorldCMMS™ provides a workflows for asset handling, based on the following flow:
  • Handling request (assignment / positioning / shift / withdrawal / removal) by qualified operators or in case of new supplies (see economic management functionalities)
  • Approvals by the responsible authorities
  • Forwarding of work order to the right team / supplier
  • Planning, execution and registering of the intervention report (also using tablets or smartphones)
Massive amounts of assets can be moved from any number of assignees can be performed instantaneously by using our guided wizard.
Image of WorldERP Logistics Management model
Building Materials Handling.
WorldCMMS™ can also provide a workflow for the building materials handling (spare parts, etc.), updating the related stores:
  • Handling request (insert / withdrawal from stores) by qualified operators or within the beginning / progressing of a work order
  • Approvals by the responsible authority
  • Delivery of goods and related registering into the system (also using tablets or smartphones)
Rooms Handling.
In WorldCMMS™ there is also a wizard to reserve rooms, which can be useful for certain events or uses:
  • Singling out of the room and check of the availability through a calendar
  • Room booking
  • Cancellation of booking

Economic Management

Management of registries, budgets and purchases. Previsional, operative, final and control analysis. Interaction with ERP systems..


For the economic management, WorldCMMS™ implements features that support all maintenance and logistic activities supplying useful information for provisional, operative, final and control steps. The management module interacts with the maintenance module (i.e. registering orders of missing materials) and with the logistic one (i.e. registering movements in the stores).
If data are partially or completely managed inside the company's ERP system, customized connectors can be developed in order to grant the correct interaction between the systems.
Image of WorldERP Logistics Management model
User Data.
The core user data managed in WorldCMMS™ include the following files:
  • Administrative offices / offices and related cost centers
  • Internal Staff
  • Suppliers (with any certifications) and related maintenance teams
  • any customers, partners of the supplied services and of the related SLA
Furthermore you can define an annual analytic budget by working on:
  • The period (all previous budgets are available in the system)
  • Cost Centers
  • Account Codes and Balances
Operative Activities.
Within the operative activities, WorldCMMS™ automatically records:
  • Purchase requests (Requisitions), also started from the system during the execution of the workflow for the scheduled maintenance and the maintenance in case of breakdowns
  • Purchase orders, with record of the commitment about the competence budget
  • Invoice, with decrease of the availability on the competence budget and resetting of the related engagement
  • Billings, with beginning of the logistic handling workflow (for movable assets and spare parts)

Energy & Environment

Recording and analysis of information related to immovable and movable, static and dynamic assets through monitoring systems.

Energy and Environmental Control.

Energy and environmental control has taken up a great importance in the real estate management, given the rules that are even more restrictive and the even higher costs of energy and disposal.
WorldCMMS™ allows to record into its own files both static information associated with assets, both dynamic information detected from any monitoring systems.
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Static Information.
Static information is related to:
  • Buildings and installations that declare energy consumption, average detected consumption (electrical / methane / fuel oil)
  • Buildings and installations that declare water consumption
  • Buildings and installations that declare emissions (air emissions / water waste / urban waste)
  • Buildings and installations that declare other environmental impacts (polluting waste, air emissions, asbestos, etc.)
  • Technical assets: declared energy consumption, average detected energy consumption
Dynamic Information.
Dynamic information are related to the knowledge of punctual consumption of an installation / technical asset, automatically detected by querying the object itself or any control unit / interface, which was enabled for such function.
If available, the gathered data can be registered into WorldCMMS™ in order to be analysed with the previous time series and produce corrective / ameliorative action.
Data Acquisition.
This is not always possible, but the electrical installations provide increasingly modern devices (among them, AMI - Advanced metering infrastructure), which are enabled to communicate with information systems through standard protocols.

NOTE: WorldCMMS™ is also interested in the open source projects such as OGEMA (Open Gateway Energy Management Alliance).

GIS & BIM support

Complete support for the asset georeference, 2D vector plants and 3D building designing.

Online Maps.

Properties (complexes, buildings, etc.) and infrastructures (networks of roads, bicycle lanes, technological networks, management of natural environment, street furnitures, etc.) can be georeferred on online map services, such as Google Maps, OpenStreetMap (open source), and others.
Image of WorldERP Logistics Management model
WorldCMMS™ is able to manage the traditional 2D vectors (externally produced with tools like Autodesk Autocad), which can be imported into the system and connected with floors, rooms, installations, technical objects, furniture, etc.

From the card of an asset, you can get an automatic zooms, where the asset is located, and you can also graphically edit it. Vice versa, if you surf onto the plants, you can query the icons of the represented objects and move onto the information card of the related asset.
BIM Extensions.
WorldCMMS™ supports also the recent BIM extensions (Building Information Modeling) used by the main products for the 3D building designing (Autodesk Revit, Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Nemetschek Allplan, etc).

In this case, you can automatically synchronize in both directions the information managed inside the 3D designing software with the WorldCMMS™ database, by using the open standard format IFC (Industry Foundation Classes):